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Born in 1946, in Oldebroek, The Netherlands.
Since 1990 Beert Strijkert has been conveying his emotions and experiences by painting with oil onto canvas. Specifically 80 x 100 cm or 100 x 120 cm formats. Strijkert has been developing his unique style throughout the years. Many of his paintings contain figures, and the themes are instantly recognisable.

The limitations, as well as the freedom of people are transmitted in a fascinating linear and color game, which the onlooker is drawn into. The use and integration of dark colors throughout his work create a powerful and harmonious composition. In contrast, glowing colors appear to lose their luminosity due to his relaxed and playful wavy lines.

However, Strijkert’s main preoccupation as an artist is to portray the daily themes which mirror the tensions of real life: the tension between limitations and freedom.